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Watch Zee Tamil health show Paarambariya Maruthuvam episodes online.
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Sowndaryavery useful
Pls,scroll the herb name and show the herb 2or3 times
K.sivakumarAnna pls doctor rajamaniccam numbers my number 9941067134 ,9884755656K Prabhugood morning sir i am watching parampariya maruthuvam every day i have kirandhi skin problem for past 20 years now my age is 36 i wish to contact u and meet u sir how can i contact u my contact number is 98430-48886 i am in coimbatore please consider this mail
email; kpbscmaths@gmail.com

thank u sir
Parkavipls sir i like to watch on episode 708- 27th june 2015 pls uploadRajalakshmi VaradarajanSir, your program Supero super & makkalukku megavum payan padukeradu enakku megavum aavalaagavum, mukeyamaagavum karudukeren. Madipukuriya rajamaanikkam avar galukkum&assitir kum mukeyamaagavum Ztv. Adikari& kuzhuve nark kum megavum Kadamai pattu Erukkom nalla samuga thondu . Aanaal naan eppo enda chedai, maram , kodi kaai. Pazhampoo vedai eppadi Edai paarthaalum naam jadamaaerukome edema Oru mr.rajamanikkm.avargalo. Or Oru. Sakthi subramaniym avargalo erundaal, evaigalai eppadi use seyivadu, endru theriyum. Avaiyellam Paarthu. Peru. Muchu. Thaan vedukeren. Kadavulen eyarkai. Yaal namakku koduthu erukaan Ellaame koduthu vaikAvendum. Edo tv l poduvadalum, ennudaiya eye.ear Kai koduthu erukaan endru Santhosham pattukkal kondu mudethu konda unga yaavaraiyum. Potri patri vanaggukeren. Ungal thondu& tv pugazh paravatum. Jai ind.Savithasir i want to meet u directly sir please rajamanikam sir plz give ur contact details sirThulasiYour programme is very useful pl send your contact number to get treatment for jaundiceSelva KumarSIR, WE ARE MISSING THE 22th MARCH 2015 EPISODE WE WANT THE SHOW IT`S MOST IMPORTENT FOR OUR PLEASE UPLOAD THE SHOW THANK YOU MOBIL;9994179507 VENUS9994179507@GMAIL.COMMahalingam AppawuDear Maruthuvar,

I have been closely following your episodes. However, from episode 660, I am not able to see the full episodes in Malaysia. Kindly solve this problem.

Thank you,

A.Mahalingam (Malaysia)
BhavaniPlz give me a DR. rajamanickam contact no and address. becoz my 8yrs old sister have not good response for us so she want the treatment for Rajamanikam. plz send the address and save my sister future.
My EMAIL ID: bhavaniaishu@gmail.com

thanks in advance.
Bhavani From ChennaiPlz give me the rajamanickam contact no and address. I want treatment of my sister. plz give address and save my sister future.Kannanhi sir, i want to speek with you please send your mobile no. and my no is 9626462420Raguraji have a white thamel on my body.when i get a treatment,it cures for short days. what i can do to cure it permanentlyKumar1. Good educative programme.
2. Put scroll the preparation/Herb name.
3. The demonstrator oftn delivers in the same tone .Pesavathil etra/irakkam do not have good communication ability
4. Count how many times he says "Andha/Indha " words
Too many repetition on words
instead he can say name of the mooligai or disease.
5.There should be better way of commnication.
ManoharanSir, My friend Mr. Kathirvel is your well wisher. He needs your contact nos. kindly inform.
My phone no is 94430 37138 and my mail id is manomuta@gmail.com
VenkatachalamMy mail I D is rccvrv@gmail.com

I request for Your mail I D to contact Shri Rajamanickam
as I need his help. I am in Gujarat state and i want his help.

Thanks in advance
SivaniPle PCOS ku uriya Maruthuvam patti Kuravum. Entha Entha episodes intha Maruthuvam pati Kurukirathu... ?Banumathyi want ur kt nosir.i like tomeet uRajeshple tell for psoriasis solution in ayurvedic method.Rajappan P.gyour program is very useful thank for you and zee tamil,plz send your chennai address and contact number for my son treatment ,we expecting your reply....

contact no : 9884118467

mailadress : manjushapradheesh@gmail.com
Rajappan P.gyour program is very usefull thank for you and zee tamil....sir plz send your chennai adress and contact no for my son treatment plz reply me

contact no : 984118467

mail adress : manjushapradheesh@gmail.com
Aranganathanif anyone received Dr. Raja Manikkam sir contact number or address, please do sms me to 9944577173.Kiruthikasir
i have some problem please send me your phone no and address. pappu1009@gmail.com(paarambariyam maruthuvam @ zee tamil)
i have some problem please send me your phone no and address. pappu1009@gmail.com
KumuthiniHi sir,

I am suffering from fibroids & endometriosis growth. The costs r like 10 com long I am having very saviour pain & heavy bleeding for 10-15days with big clots.

Pls help me to recover from this. Even if I need travel from Canada to India I will try to come.
Thanks a lot
My email id is kumuthini_g@hotmail.com
My number is (416)836-4432
SuganyaAge 25 Am Suffering From PEMPHIGUS FOLIACEUS . I will Take The Treatment for Last 2 Years. What The Solution For This Disease .Please sir I want Solution . Please Safe My LifeR R Prabhacanyou pl provide me the contact no. of dr.Rrajamanickam. Want to consult him for my skinproblem. my mobile 9094004446.
email rgopalan1946@gmail.com
Manishi have skin problem sir. i want consul to u sir pls i want ur address this is my mail id manishktirkey@gmail.comRamkmaryour programme is extradinary good.but I watch this programme after 570 episodes.I try to download the programme from the first episode for keeping it for the next generation.if it is possible send all episodes to my email. ramkumarb1978.rk@gmail.com or give solution to
download all episodes.
DuraisamyYour service is very very useful to all and i download all episodes from your site and i told my friends to utilize your site. I request you please keep update all episodes from zee tamil and also "NAttu Maruthuvam" in Sun tv Dr.Sakyhisubramani's programs.
Thank you very much of your services.
i have some problem
plese give me ur phone number and address


This program is very useful to all. I have branchile asthma and my lungs lower lobe 2 parts was removed. because suffered from anti fungal ball.. i done the operation. Now my child was 3 years old. she also have the problem in wheezing.Kindly save my generation in this diseases. Kindly give your contact no and address to send my mail vidhyasri201@gmail.com
ArunrajI LICK EPISODE 540 21 DECEMBERBalakrishnan NSir,
Very useful programme. Let us know his address for to meet him in person for to take treatment for my back pain. My email ID is nbalakrishnan51@gmail.com
M.karthikeyanMy wife is having Parkinson,s disease. I want to consult you personally. Please let me have your contact details.
my mobile 98403 39446
email emkar9999@gmail.com
Brinda DeviHello sir,
I am in need of your contact number and venue details to meet you directly regarding the medical issues faced by my Mom.
Please provide me the details to mailid:
Nalininathansir i am suferring from severe duodenal and uterus
ulcer . iam in need immediate treatment.kindly sent
phone no or contact address of raja manigakam sir to my mail id: nalininathan2013@yahoo.com

contactno. 7418322040

I saw your program in zee tamizh. It is very useful.
I have hair fall problem for past 5 years. I tried some of the home remedy but nothing works out. I saw treatment for hair fall in one of your episode but i would like to know the cause of the problem on my scalp. without knowing that i don't know which treatment to follow. So i would like to meet you directly once to know the cause of my problem then i will follow as per your instruction. So kindly give me your address and phone no. My mail id is kokilarajaa@gmail.com and my phone no. 9840116141.
G.anandbabuSir i am G.Anandbabu i facing so many issue in my boby plz help me sir and give u r contact no and u r address also directely come to u r place any one sir contact no and address mail me gdanand_1984@yahoo.co.in or 9841385881SuganyaSir,

I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Could not able to bare joint pains.

Please provide office address and phone number to

sugan15k@gmail.com address.

I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Could not able to bare joint pains.

Please provide office address and phone number to

sugan15k@gmail.com address.
Gayathrisir how to reduce weight after delivery sir.Sureshkumarsir please give medicine to biles and bowthram . please help me sir. thankyouD.sureshkumarplease give your address and contact numbesDharshika VelusamyHi Doctor, We have some questions from you but we are in Srilanka, that's why some how we need to contact you, soon as possible please send your contact no or your mail address. We are waiting for you.SubashSir,
Can you please provide your contact details, because is having sugar compliant and his suffering from pedal oedema, kindly send your contact details,it would be grateful if you could send your contact details to subash7dv@gmail.com & Mobile:9094442376
Jayarajpls sir unga contect no thara mutiyuma my con no 9751964813 nan 12 natakka mutiyamal veetilaiye irukiren ungal maruthuvam enaku megavum payan ullathaga irukirathu thangal thotarpu kitaithal payanullatha irukum ena nampukirenSubramanianpleas give me mob no and address
my mob no:9444200753
Priyathis program is very useful its a gift for all people i think.. please can u send me doctor Rajamanikkam's contact number and email address.. my email id is mohanapriya1587@gmail.com
thanks in advance..
MuthuDear sir,

Paarambariya Maruthuvam program is very useful to us so i request you to kindly give to me the maruthuvar contact no or address.please send me the the contact no the following e mail id rsrajkamal21@gmail.com

Dear Sir,

Good morning Paarambaria maruthuvam This programme is very useful. Please send the address and contact details for clearing the doubts

My contact details: s.subbiah cell 9176649166
email: subbiahgbl@gmail.com

Thanking you in advance

With regards

Vijijonessir enaku pcod iruku nenga sonna pine apple with kalachikaai juice kudiken. antha juice eppa kudisa eramba use and evalavu naal akum en pcos sari aka. kalyanam aki 2 years akudu epa baby undakumnu wait panrom.please reply me at vijijones.sam@gmail.comGpdhevikaladr rajamanickkam sir we want book for all disease. instead of goat milk we use ordinary milk we want remadyGpdhevikaladr rajamanickkam sir we want book for all disease. instead of goat milk we use ordinary milk we want remadySivaSIR YOU give DR.RAJAMANICKAM ADDRESS and HIS contact NO.THANKYOU.

my mail id is : sivaraj_pon@yahoo.com
my mob no is: 9710423948.
Kalpanahai sir,excellent show.i am married(26-age) and i have three children. i need a medicine for my menusral period,that coming within three weeks.that means it occuring three weeks once.at that time i have severe back pain and stomach pain. so please say the medicine for my problem.my email address is www.srikanthkalpana23@gmail.com
please show your address and mail id to send letter
Nagarajpl send Dr Raja manickam ph no and address
my phone : 9943868369
Nagaraji want to meet you for fertility problem
my ph no : 9943868369
mail id : selvanagarajvkm@gmail.com

Thank you

Harinesir, plz give Dr. Raja manickam phone no and address. his suggestions are very useful to usIndhumathy ChandrasekarSir

I am suffering frm Astreoperosis due to Thyroid. Now i could not do my routine also, Kindly send me the contact no and address for the Dr Rajamanickam, Zee TV to my email indoo1998.sekar@gmail.com
NandhakumarPlease send Your Address and Phone No ImediatlyEstherPls call immediately very urgent my sister child very serious Bcz the hair in stomach how to remove this pls help me very urgent. My number's 9952917437.KumudhaI want to know about kaalahhni maruthuvamSadankalatsikai enpathu ennaSathyaexcellent show, need your suggestions to lose weight and hairfall probs solutions we are awaiting for it pleaseSithugood programmeUma Sankarsir,
this is very useful programme ,pls send address & phone number contact the treatment sir ,so pls my e-mail address, umasankar16u@gmail.com
Poornimaplease give remedy for face pimples,black dots,hair fall.This program is more useful for all.Thank you for your helping mind ...........Kumarplease re-telecast paarambariya maruthuvam daily after 7pm .it is too useful for all . please do it for all of us .V.ramasamySIR YOU give DR.RAJAMANICKAM ADDRESS and HIS contact NO.THANKYOU.Gopu.jI need your phone no and address
Please send to gopuorchid@gmail.com
Shakthiplease give solution to cure bad smell from mouthNelsoni wante to paarambariya maruthuvar address &phone noNelsonii wante paarambariya maruthuvar address and contuct noSampathkumarI'm don sel complaint your help placeEzhil AdiraiBest Medicine for Mental illness pls send command to my mail id: ezhiladirai53@gmail.comB.varadarajaluI appreciate your helping mind

and thanks so much.
Kannanthis program is very useful. but i need contact number and address of doctor rajamanickkam, for take treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.Vetrineed your address and contact details asap please.VetrivelYour program is very useful...I have very severe cold program for last 6-7 years. I need your contact number and address details ASAP please. my email address: a400495@gmail.comK.govindasamygood and healthy show i need maruthuvar phone number and address for taking treatmantJ.umasir ,please give the doctor,s address or contact no, it is more useful for usMithrakannai suttri karuvalayam povatharku ena vali.. ungalin padhiluku kathirukkiren.nandriMrs.jayanthi SelvakumarVanakkam Ayya,

My 12 year old daughter has the following health issues.
1] Excess sweating even under cold circumstances
2] excess hair fall since 6 months
3] little bit obese with respect to her age.
she is 59 kgs weight and close to 5 feet height.
4]she is wheatish in colour except face which is very dark because of sun tan.

Because of this she has some inferiority complex. Please recommend some remedies for her.
my mail id is : vijayajayanthi@gmail.com
my mob no is: 8 0 5 6 1 6 7 0 1 8.

Nandri Ayya.
RevathiHello... sir,it's a very good show...Mini CovaiDear Sir,

Ungaloda marunnu ellame super

Rajaayya vanakkam your program very useful program please make a book with muligai picture, and about the use how should do the medicine please explain,and do puplished book very useful to the poor family thank you.ayya i think you are a agasthiyar avatharam may be.RameshwariRespected Sir,
I wnat to know for blood circulation for my daddy is not normal due to accident.
pls i need solution for tis.i like tis program.plz tell where to find tis plant
KiranCan you please help with contact NumberRj .sathiyaTHIS PROGRAM VERY NICE . I'M SOCIAL WORKER I KNOW SOME MEDICIANCE AFTER I LEARNING MORE MEDICENSE TO SUPPORT YOUR HELP ,PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MOBILE NUMBER SEND TO MY MOBILE NUMBER(9025954590)..THIS IS MY UMPEL REGUEST..........Nisha.ti like this programSureshDr, Can we get the address of the Clinic or Contact Numbers suresh.babuc@yahoo.comK.shyamalasir neck pain right shouder in 4 years please
your paarambariya -maruthavam deltails sir
Kperiyasamyplease send the address of the marthuvar rajamanikam avlNoorjahansome of the unknown plants are known to me this programmmeMohanplese,list out episode with concernt deseas.tanksP.radhakrishnanhello sir,this show is very usefull for everyonke. and i want to detail about the sarakondry flower.
pls sir reply very soon on the tv show.
M. Rajeshhello sir, vanakkam intha programme rombavum value vaana programme enaku intha programme romba pudichiruku, enaku romba aaruthalavum iruku en prachanaikkana theervu enaku kidaichiruku. Itha na inimae payan padutha poren. thayavuseithu intha programmema niruthidathinga please. Intha nigazhchiyil varum maruthuvarukum, intha nigazhchiyai nadathubavarukum en aanantha kanneerudan manamarntha vazhthukal, vazhthukal. romba nandri sir.....Shovimvery usful programMurugan.g,jolarpettai.IT IS VERY USEFULL IN ALL PERSONShaikvery useful program,
kindle reply for weight reducing full diet pls
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